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New Jersey Cooperative Purchasing New Jersey Cooperative Purchasing

New Jersey State Cooperative Purchasing

The New Jersey Energy Tracking System let's government agencies reduce the cost of manually handling utility invoices and manually paying a utility by 70%.  The State of New Jersey is offering NJ ETS, powered by EnergySolve, to other governmental entities in New Jersey because it has identified the system as an effective way to save money and manage utility expenditures. NJ ETS is available to other New Jersey state government entities and quasi-government entities through a "no bid" cooperative purchasing agreement. Using the cooperative purchasing agreement you can:

  • Save Money
  • Manage Utility Expenses

NJ ETS is an energy tracking system and utility accounting system powered by EnergySolve that measures energy and water consumption and their costs.

How Does it Work

The Contracted service provider receives all your metered utility bills:

  • Enters all utility bill  and consumption data into a searchable database
  • Scans the bill image into their centralized database storing a viewable copy
  • Performs a 6-step validation analysis to ensure billing data is correct 
  • Alerts you of any billing irregularities 
  • Pays the bill before its due avoiding any late fees or penalties.

All for a Low Monthly Subscription Fee

NJ ETS was obtained by the State of New Jersey through competitive bid. New Jersey allows other governmental entities like municipalities, counties, school districts, county and state colleges, independent higher education institutions, volunteer fire departments, first aid/ rescue squads, independent authorities, and quasi-state agencies to acquire NJ ETS through cooperative purchasing.

NJ ETS powered by EnergySolve, LLC, Somerset, NJ


To find out how you can purchase NJ ETS for your New Jersey state department or agency, please fill out this form and an EnergySolve representative will contact you promptly.