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ENERGY STAR Integration ENERGY STAR Integration

Simplify ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Reporting

Every week cities, states and municipalities pass legislation requiring disclosure of energy consumption for non-residential buildings. California, Hawaii, Michigan, Ohio and Washington have state legislation requiring various reporting requirements via ENERGY STAR's Portfolio Manager. Cities like Seattle, Austin TX, Washington DC and New York City have mandatory reporting requirements for large commercial buildings to benchmark or track consumption using Portfolio Manager. "Wanting to" track energy and water consumption may become "required to" as more cities, states and municipalities jump on the sustainability bandwagon.

Problem Solved!

EnergySolve's Utility Bill Analytics and Reporting (UBAR) and New Jersey Energy Tracking System integrate to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager making benchmarking and reporting a snap. All consumption data is captured on a monthly basis and fed to Portfolio Manager so your rating is always current. You never have to enter consumption data into your system or theirs, it's done for you!

  • Capture metered utility consumption details
  • Update ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager automatically
  • Generate consumption and benchmark reports

Achievable Sustainability

You can achieve your sustainability goals with comprehensive monitoring and reporting. We capture all metered utility consumption and rate details in a central, secured repository. Reports are generated according to the reporting structure you specify: by building, location or entity. Simple ad hoc reporting tools let you customize reports to your exact specification. Energy compliance reporting is no problem with EnergySolve's Utility Bill Analytics and Reporting.